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White Wolf Bushcraft Survival School Ltd

Incorporating Huddersfield's Knife & Axe Throwing Centre  

Huddersfield's Axe & Knife Throwing Centre

Bull's_ Eye/ White_wolf_Bushcraft_School

Knife Throwing

Have a go at this fantastic sport, you don't need anything special, just time to practice.

We only use professional throwing equipment, we start everybody off with 3 pointed mini axes, sometimes called angels or mini Hawks, these are  suitable for beginners and young people



Tomahawk Throwing

You will have seen these on TV been used by Viking or red Indians, They are real tomahawks, we use Norse Hawks the viking version.  

18 inch long


Anything goes,

nails, shovels scissors, garden shears, if it has a point we will try it. (Safely of cause)

But we never talk about throwing illegal /banned items or at people, we are here to promote the sport, the the great benefits it has, fitness, welbeen,  exercise, social interaction, stress release to name a few of the great benefits  

We have a club Night, were we come to improve and have a social evening throwing, but members can come at anytime the unit is open to practice/ chat. the Club is called the Rusty Knifer's, and is open on Thursday evening from 6 - 9pm. pop along and have a look.  £10.00 for the evening

Party information


Birthday Parties with a difference

White Wolf Bushcraft School specialize in giving you the best and unique birthday party you have ever had.

come and join us for a 2 hour session of -

Axe throwing,

Air Rifle Shooting,

Nerf Wars

Bushcraft Skills*   off site 

Archery* Off site

you could if you really want to, have Axe - Shooting - Nerf all in one session.

the cost of all this £175.00

Party numbers

Because we offer different party packages, we try to stick to a party size of 12, that way everybody gets a good go at the activities and we have enough staff to run the bases safely. 

Nerf wars party- because Nerf wars are a one activity base, we can accommodate up to a maximum of 20 players at a time 


Most of our parties/ events are run at our indoor arena.


Colne Valley business park Linthwaite, Huddersfield HD7 5QG. For bushcraft parties we use different Locations around Huddersfield, 

What to wear

good sensible footwear is a must and a jumper, if its a bushcraft party, we will be outside, so you need to dress to suit the weather, so you may need waterproofs, hat, gloves.

If it's at unit 52, then a T shirt and a jumper, something they can take off, i wouldn't wear anything that you don't mind mucking   

Timings/ Food

Most party bookings are for 2 hours, if its a mix and match party, then the best time to have to food is at the end, your fine to sit and eat on site, and you can bring your own food.

We provide Hot-dogs & Popcorn and juice for the guests, if you want to bring other nibbles please free to do so. we supply the large hot-dogs so they don't need a lot more, BUT WE DO NEED A CAKE.

if its a Nerf war booking we would do the food in the middle , so 90 mins Nerf wars and 30 minutes food, this gives everybody a chance to cool down, get food and water before we start round 2.

please note, 1 hot-dog per guest,is supplied. if you have any vegetarian guest can you let us know, we would normally supply cheese sandwiches etc   


we don't mind adults being present, but the focus is on the young people, so if you're staying we normally get you roped in to help the younger ones

Pre-Booked Events, we may not be open during these times

We may not be open to the public at these times, we may even be away on a camp, The calendar gets up dated daily, If you are wanting a birthday booking, check the date and time, and if available send us the details but no party booking is confirmed until the deposit has been paid and you receive the booking confirmation back from us. If its axe throwing you are wanting, check out the time, if there's a name and a number that's how many are booked in, we can accommodate up to 20 at a time 

No upcoming events.

What we offer

Bushcraft Parties


Come and learn Bushcraft skills with White wolf, Learn about Fire lighting, water purification, shelter building 

Nerf Wars


This is a great activity for the younger ones. battle your mates and take on the Zombie Challenge. Can you survive, and make it to the end. 

Knife and Axe Throwing


This is a fairly new sport, but spreading  across the UK, spend a hour with us and see how you do. please be warned, the sport is highly additive. 



Bringing back the old days, piece of wood and string. can you hit the target? are you a budding Robin Hood? then this is for you.

Air Rifle Shooting


can you hit the bulls eye? Are you a better shot than your mate? 

With our indoor range, we can find out.

Scalextric Racing


Have you want it takes to become the number one driver? Take your mates on Wolf mountain or Beaver creek. be the fastest, be the best. 

Contact Us

Contact us form

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Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to contact us at any time.

pop in and see us at unit 52, Linthwaite business park. 

White Wolf Bushcraft & Survival School Ltd

Colne Valley Business Park, Huddersfield, HD7 5QG, United Kingdom

07763044927 / 07915577490



By Appointment


By Appointment


18:00 – 21:00


18:00 – 21:00


18:00 – 21:00


12:00 – 20:00


12:00 – 20:00

last admittance is 

One hour before we close.

 We do sometimes have private events/ parties on, so we would be closed to walk-in sessions during those times, check out the calendar above.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy coming soon

Instructors/ Rangers

Senior Instructor - White Wolf


  1. Knife, Axe & Tomahawk instructor
  2. Bushcraft instructor
  3. Archery Instructor
  4. small arms instructor
  5. Kayak & Canoe instructor L2 coach
  6. First Aid Instructor
  7. Health and Safety Tutor

Senior Instructor - Sandra


  1. Knife, Axe & Tomahawk instructor
  2. Bushcraft instructor
  3. Small arms Instructor
  4. Kayak & Canoe L1 coach

Ranger - Lauren


  1. Knife, Axe & Tomahawk instructor
  2. Bushcraft instructor
  3. Archery Instructor

Ranger - Luke


  1. Knife, Axe & Tomahawk instructor
  2. Bushcraft instructor

Trainee Ranger - Ryan


  1. Knife, Axe & Tomahawk instructor
  2. Trainee Bushcraft instructor
  3. Small Arms Instructor

Trainee Ranger - Elliott


  1. Knife, Axe & Tomahawk instructor
  2. Trainee Bushcraft instructor
  3. Small Arms Instructor



Bushcraft Party

Fantastic day for Lucien and Freddies party. White Wolf and Sandra were brilliant. If you want a different kind of party that your child and their friends will love, then White Wolf Busbcraft is perfect Thank you - Claire Lambert 

Bushcraft Party

Booked a party for my sons 9 th Birthday he took 9 friends and they all thoroughly  enjoyed every minute of the party. We did arrive a little late and White Wolf was fantastic to letting the children have the full 2 hours. 5***** all the way highly recommend. Dawn Hufton

Bushcraft and Air Rifle shooting party

Fantastic party for my 9 year old and his friends! Fires, cooking, shooting targets and some super cool survival skill lessons. My son said "it was awesome" No hesitation at all in recommending White Wolf Bushcraft and Survival School. Jo Fletcher   

Axe throwing

Dropped by with my son to see what it was all about, ended up having a great hour of throwing... highly recommended and worth every penny -  Sally Clift  2/1/19 

Axe Throwing

.Excellent couple of hours, full demo of axe throwing, followed by knife and then air rifle. nice afternoon out, very tidy place, good for family party's... fully recommend, not suitable for wheelchairs users, as its upstairs and I didn't see a  lift 

Chris Jay 3rd March 19

Mix and Match Party

we held our boys 8th birthday party here today and had absolute blast, we had acouple of nervous children at first but with patience of white wolf & sandra they were having a great time with air rirles and axes. then onto nerf wars which the kids loved and was hilarious when the adults got involved. the kids were ruthless. thew whole event was well thought out and run, food was spot on. very nice just to be able to turn up and enjoy the party, and do something different. Thank you again. I would definitely recommend.

Rebecca Baines 20th Jan 19 

Welcome to White Wolf Bushcraft School,

Axe Throwing Centre

here at white wolf throwing centre we have 5 lanes, each with 3 targets per lane

Yes, that's right, an Axe throwing centre in Huddersfield, well we are a little more than that, yes we throw Axes but we also throw Knifes and basically anything  with a point, as long as its legal. 

we throw mini hawks (3 sided small axes, perfect to start off with) then we move you onto professional throwing Knifes between 12 & 14 inches long. Once you have mastered them we have a go with the TOMAHAWK.

all this will take about 90 mins, but at the end you will be throwing like a pro.    

Nerf Wars


are you a crack shot? can you and your team defeat the green goblin? defend your castle against the zombie hordes.  

Air Rifle Shooting


Are you as good a shoot as you think you arre, then come and prove it.

come and have a go on our indoor range, we are always looking at ways of improve the range, so if you have any ideas please let the instructors know

Some of the events and organiztions we have worked with

Honley Show, Emley Show, Holmfirth War Weekend, Santa Pod Race way, Save our HRI, Honley Infant school, Honley jr School,Batley show, Thongsbrige tennis Club, Coddies Farm (Holmfirth),Andys man club,WWI, Hade Edge Gala and Various Scout groups

Find out more




White Wolf Bushcraft Survival School Ltd. 

Terms & Conditions for outdoor events. 

White Wolf Bushcraft Survival School Ltd. (herein after referred to as White Wolf Bushcraft School, us, we) of Castle House, 40 Hangingstone Road, Huddersfield HD4 7QT.

“Clients” (hereinafter referred to as client, you, your) means named person making a booking for a White Wolf Bushcraft School event. “Event” the named itinerary of activities as detailed by White Wolf Bushcraft School. The headings do not form part of these Conditions and shall not be taken into account in their construction or interpretation.


· All bookings must be made online via 

·  Or through our contact us page on our websites. 

· All bookings are subject to availability.  

· Clients are required to accept the implicit risks involved in outdoor activities, the potential danger of personnel injury or death.

· Clients taking part in outdoor and other similar activities should be aware of, and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.  

· Clients must have a level of fitness appropriate for your chosen event, and are responsible for bringing the appropriate equipment, details of which will be posted on the White Wolf Bushcraft School website at the time of booking.

· If, in the opinion of the White Wolf Bushcraft School Leader or staff your fitness or equipment may compromise safety of an event we reserve the right to cancel or terminate your event. In these circumstances you will not be entitled to a refund or compensation.

Clients Cancellations:

· Any cancellation must be made in writing to by the person who made the booking.

· No cash refunds are given on cancellations.

· A credit note will be issued if we are able to fill the vacancy. Credit notes are only valid against other White Wolf Bushcraft School Events and must be redeemed within 6 months of issue.

The cancellation policies for Custom Events are given with the event booking details.

Event Cancellations Notification:
If you find you are unable to attend an event at any time please inform us via email on as soon as you can.
Cancellation notice: 7 days or less will incur full cost of party, more than 7 days no cost incurred 

Note: we appreciate wholly unforeseen events may result in cancellation. We strongly advise you take out insurance against irrecoverable cancellation costs.

Price & payment

The price of any White Wolf Bushcraft School event or activity, will be included on the booking form, some activities will have a price quoted on our website. Our prices DO NOT include VAT.

If there is an obvious pricing error in relation to the Event which could have reasonably been recognized by you as a mis-pricing then we have the right to cancel any bookings issued in respect of the Event and issue you a refund in respect of the same.

Event Payments:
To secure your place on any of our events/party’s you will need to make payment to cover the costs as set out in the event description. Your place/party will not be confirmed until your payment is received and processed. Full payment should be made 7 days before event, BACS payment are quicker and there’s proof invoice has been paid, Cheques need to clear before event.

Changes/cancellation by White Wolf Bushcraft School:
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We also reserve the right to cancel the event. For example, if the minimum number of clients required for an event is not fulfilled, we may have to cancel the event. 

Minor changes to an event, such as a change to the start time, duration, walk itinerary, etc. If we need to make minor changes to the event, we will advise you of these changes at the earliest possible date.

Minor changes will not constitute a reason for cancellation.  If a major change becomes necessary, we will notify you as soon as reasonably possible if there is time before the start of the event.

A major change would be a change to the event date(s) and/or location/destination. When a major change or cancellation occurs you will have the choice of accepting the change of arrangements, purchasing another event from us, or cancelling your event.  

Should you choose to cancel; we will refund all recoverable payments made directly to us in respect of the event. We will not however, be in a position to refund any personnel expenses you may have incurred as a result of your booking such as travel expenses, equipment purchase, travel insurance, vaccinations etc.

White Wolf Bushcraft survival School Ltd, carries insurance, but we are only responsible if it is deemed our fault, we will not accept responsibility for accident out of our control.

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Terms and Conditions Valid from 1st March 2017.